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U. P. Consumer Welfare Council

Today an average Indian consumer is poor illiterate ignorant. Apathetic and continued to be at the receiving end. Rich or poor all consumers awareness should be created among the consumers through consumer education.
Consumers education is an organized movement to improve the method of preparing people to assume matured consumer role with in the society.
Consumer education provides the knowledge necessary to develop citizens into intelligent consumers. It will help in developing skills of the people to make informed decisions in the purchase of goods and hiring of services.
Education gives knowledge and Knowledge is power. Once Consumer become powerful they can easily resist any anti-consumer move desides being wise and prudent in their money management. Hence “Enlighted consumer is empowered consumer”.

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History of Consumer Movement

World consumer Right Day Commemorates the historic declaration of four basic consumer rights made the then. US President John Kennedy on March 15-1962. The World Consumer Day First Observed on march 15in 1983.

The voluntary Activist Rolf Nadar is the founder of consumer Movement, Hence he is called father of consumer movement.1st Consumer organization established in India, Chennai 1950 by C. Rajagplala Chary 1964, Consumer guidance society was started in Bombay and Ahmedabad in 1973. In Visakhapatnam 1st Consumer Organization was formed. In 1978ndian Federation of consumer organization established. 1st conference the organization was held at Hong Kong in 1991. 2nd conference at June in 2004.

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